What we do

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Site Investigations
  • Soil Borings
  • Standard Penetration Tests (SPT)
  • Auger Borings
  • Foundation Design
  • Site Investigation Report
  • Field Percolation Tests
  • Site Suitability Investigations
  • Sinkhole Investigations

CTQP Classes

  1. QC Manager
  2. Asphalt Plant Level I
  3. Earthwork Construction Inspector I
  4. Earthwork Construction Inspector II
  5. Drilled Shaft Inspector
  6. Pile Driving Inspector
  7. LBR Technician

Wish to register for a class? See Calendar and download Application Form under CTQP menu and send completed form to Bensa@Bensatech.com. We welcome small class sizes and we will not cancel a class because of class size limits. Call us if you need  to schedule a class for your group.See our class schedules on CTQP website.  We will accommodate last minute applications.

Field Monitoring

  • Specialty Engineer
  • Vibration Monitoring
  • Settlement Plates
  • Surcharge Monitoring
  • Settlement Monitoring and Instrumentation
  • Structures Monitoring During Construction
  • Mass Concrete Monitoring
  • Drilled Shaft Inspection
  • Auger Cast Pile Inspection

Construction Materials Testing

  • Specialty Engineer
  • Soil Sampling
  • Field Compaction Tests
  • Nuclear Density Tests
  • Concrete Sampling
  • Mortar and Grout Sampling
  • NDT Bond Testing
  • Anchor Pull Testing

Laboratory Tests

  • Standard and Modified Proctors
  • Sieve Analysis
  • Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR)
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • LA Abrasion Test
  • Atterberg Limits (Plastic and Liquid Limit)
  • Comprehensive Strength of Concrete
  • Organic Content
  • Many other Tests

Construction Engineering Inspection

  • Roadway
  • Bridge Inspection
  • Utilities
  • Drainage Structures
  • Pile Driving Inspection
  • Drilled Shaft Inspection
  • Asphalt Plant Inspection